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TranslateNotebook L3800C/S Series - Highlights
L3000C / S

  L3000 Series Notebook PC features a wide range of standard features, upgrades, and options.

The following gives you all of your current choices.

Many future options are being developed for the Notebook PC to keep up with the latest technologies.

Mobile Powerhouses - Today's Notebooks Have It All
Today's notebooks are more powerful than ever. By incorporating Pentium 4 processing power, advanced ATi® Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics, and high-speed DDR memory, today's best notebooks rival the performance of most mainstream desktops while being completely portable. This means that users now have enough power run high-end multimedia applications and 3D games wherever you want.

Unrivaled Performance and Features
One of the most powerful notebooks on the market is the new ASUS L3C/S. This all-in-one notebook is not only packed with the best performance features, but also everything you'd ever want such as large 15" LCD display, DVD/CD-ROM/ CD-RW drive, 802.11b wireless LAN, efficient thermal design and more. On top of that, the ASUS L3C/S simply looks cool thanks to a stylish design that makes it look as good as it performs.

Pentium 4 Hits the Road
Speeds up to 2.4+GHz make your notebook scream performance thanks to a Pentium 4 processor. This is the same cutting-edge technology used in powerful desktops with the added power saving features that will save your notebooks battery life. All this muscle makes the ASUS L3C/S powerful enough to handle any situation.

The Most Powerful Mobile Graphics - Mobility Radeon 7500
The ASUS L3C/S lets you play the latest 3D games without a hitch by incorporating 32MB DDR dedicated memory for the ATi® Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics chip. This award-winning graphics chip is so smooth and powerful that the ASUS L3S is perfect for portable workstation-level functions or even gaming LAN parties.

Battery Longevity
What good is all that performance if your notebook can't even make it through a meeting without dying? ASUS tackles one of the most important notebook considerations, battery life, with their own innovative technology called Power 4 Gear. This battery life saving feature lets you choose between four modes to command more power when you need it most, and conserve it when you don't.

In addition to being the most compact all-in-one notebook with a large 15" screen, the ASUS L3C/S Series has all the expandability features such as built-in LAN, wireless 802.11b, 1394 ports, TV-out, S/PDIF-out, Bluetooth support and more. Compared to other notebooks out there on the market, the ASUS L3C/S is truly a mobile powerhouse.

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