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TranslateNotebook M2000E Series - Highlights
  M2000E Series Notebook PC features a wide range of standard features, upgrades, and options.

The following gives you all of your current choices.

Many future options are being developed for the Notebook PC to keep up with the latest technologies.

M Series Legacy:

The ASUS M2E builds upon the award-winning design of M series notebooks. Designed to meet the needs of mobile office professionals, the M2E incorporates special features such as a convenient convertible module bay that lets you effortlessly customize your notebook to your needs, instant launch keys, as well as new features like the Audio DJ for CD playback without booting up your notebook. Other technologies such as ASUS Power4 Gear maximizes battery performance, while the large 14.1" display and built-in wireless LAN realizes the dream of a mobile office.

Superior Mobile Office - Performance

Incorporating the most advanced mobile technologies, the ASUS M2E delivers magnificent performance in home, office, or play.
The ASUS M2E Series is a Slim and Light Notebook PC that adopts Intel® Pentium® 4 - M CPU or Celeron Processor in a upgradeable Micro-FCPGA package. With the Intel Mobile Pentium 4 - M processor, the ASUS M2E supports powerful speeds up to 1.8GHz with 512 KB L2 cache. With the Intel Celeron Processor, the ASUS M2E supports powerful speeds up to 1.4GHZ with 256 KB L2 cache.
Enhanced system performance is delivered via an SiS® 650 + 961chipset with 133MHz front-side-bus and Hub Link for 266MB/s data transfer bus between high performance CPUs and DDR266 SDRAM.
The display system includes a 14.1" XGA TFT LCD and the advanced SiS® 650+961 chipset, for the most powerful mobile graphics performance available . SiS® 650+961 utilizes SiS MuTIOL technology delivery 533MB/sec bandwidth to let you experience exhilarating 3D graphics in games with DirectX and OpenGL support, as well as smooth DVD playback for movies.
ADTD II (ASUS Dynamic Thermal Dissipation Technology) resolves the thermal problems associated with many of today's notebooks, ensuring greater reliability and productivity. Thermal sensors intelligently adjust fan speeds and monitor system temperature to control overheating to prevent system damage or user hurt when necessary, while Air Flex-Flow design maintains quiet operation by minimizing air resistance.

Superb Mobile Office - Convertible

The ASUS M2E provides the fastest mobile performance, robust features and large screen display, while remaining extremely portable with its compact, lightweight design. A 14.1" notebook weighing only 2Kg is possible with the convertible traveler drawer installed. Built- in wireless LAN, long battery life design further facilitates the Virtual Office Era.
M2E adopts Asus Multi-functional Module Bay, Port Dock II and Port Bar II - extending storage solutions into more flexible combinations. Choose from slim warm swappable DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD + CD-RW, 2nd HDD IDE storage drives through Module bay locating on system or PortDock II, or expand more ports with the ASUS PortBAR II. PortBAR II helps eliminate the inconvenience of plugging and unplugging legacy connectors of accessories and provide the most complete expansion flexibility.
Enhanced Intel® SpeedStep™ technology allows users to effortlessly change between Sports mode (for maximum performance) and Patrol mode (for longer battery life). The ASUS Power4 Gear energy saving feature maximizes the performance of your M2E battery. Different power saving modes can be adjusted with the touch of a button depending on how much performance you need. The M2E saves up to 20% power by efficiently controlling LCD brightness and IDE devices, to extend battery life up to 5.3 hours.
The M2E's superior design reduces weight without sacrificing features, by using Mg-Al throughout the chassis. With the traveler drawer module installed, the Asus M2E is the world's lightest 14.1" notebook.Measuring in at a nimble 1.9kg and 2.2 cm (minimum) thick, the ASUS M2E easily fits into your bag and is light enough to take along anywhere.

Sophisticated Mobile Office - Multimedia

To master your career in the fast-moving digital world, the Asus M2E implements a multi-functional design concept with swappable bay, Audio DJ, and instant launch key. These devices enable you to use M2E in any situation whether you're in the office, coffee shop or traveling in a bus or train. The ASUS M2E makes it easy to enjoy your life, while managing your world!
How about take a break while in the busy daily work? Just close the LCD screen and open the Media-Media DJ! Asus M2E and the Media-Media DJ feature can entertain on demand with CD playback without booting up your notebook. The Media-Media DJ can also activate the Windows Multi-Media player by the same Play, Stop, Wind, and Rewind buttons when the computer is running Windows OS. The ASUS M2E is a Multi-Functional Media Center is right in your hand!

Smart Mobile Office - Wireless LAN

Instantly read your e-mail, surf the net or launch your favorite applications with the ASUS M2E programmable launch keys. A convenient E-mail Alert indicator also lets you know if you have any incoming messages without looking at your screen. An 1394 IEEE port supports the latest peripherals and fastest data transfers allowing you to download movies from your DV camera, edit video or music and more.
Designed with the user in mind, Asus M2E developed the Ergonomic Palm Reset Angle to increase comfort while using your keyboard. With the stylish Mg-Al LCD cover, remote control, convenient module bay and easily disassembled battery module, the ASUS M2 enhances your efficiency and lets you enjoy the finer things in life.
The ASUS M2E with its built-in 802.11b wireless LAN Mini PCI card(BTO option) , you can experience the freedom of high-speed connectivity with no strings attached. Built in V.90 modem and 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet LAN also ensure that you're easily connected to your digital universe wherever you go.
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