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 Notebook M2000E Series - Overview

14.1" SVGA / XGA LCD, 1.98kg
Advanced SiS 650+961 Chipset
World's Lightest 14.1" Notebook
Memory expansion up to 640MB max.
SiS Integrated Gfx Graphics VGA
Optional PortDock II and PortBar II

The Ultimate in Office Mobility and Convenience
The ASUS M2E is a fusion of flexibility, power and style. Customized for the needs of today's mobile professional, its convertible modular design along with PortBar, lets users conveniently add or remove drives for enhanced functionality and portability. Innovations such as Audio DJ and Power4 Gear combined with the power of a Pentium 4 mobile processor in a stylish silver magnesium casing, ensure that you and your ASUS M2E are ready to master the digital world.
Sophisticated Performance Slim, Sleek & Sexy Smart & Simple
The ASUS M2E Series adopts Intel Pentium 4-M CPU in a upgradeable Micro-FCPGA package. With this technology, ASUS M2E is able to support powerful speeds up to 1.8GHz with 512 KB L2 cache.

Superior design reduces weight without sacrificing features, by using Mg-Al throughout the chassis. With the traveler drawer module installed, making ASUS M2E the world's lightest 14.1" notebook.

Supports the latest Intel SpeedStep technology for allowing users to effortlessly change between Sports mode (for maximum performance) and Patrol mode (for longer battery life).

Advanced Networking
The ASUS M2E Series includes a built-in V.90 56Kbps modem and 10/100Mbps LAN. This makes the Internet accessible anytime, anywhere. For the wireless communications, the ASUS L3 Series also supports PC card solutions for Bluetooth or Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b).
Instant Access Keys
Programmable keys let you surf the Internet, access your e-mails, and switch between programs with a single touch of the finger. If the power is OFF, the programmable keys will first turn ON your Notebook PC and then launch the corresponding application. An email status indicator notifies you when you have email waiting in your inbox. The TouchPad with scroll buttons makes browsing easy and fun. The instant keys on the front of the Notebook PC allows convenient audio CD playing even while the Notebook PC is turned OFF!
Superb Performance
The ASUS M2E Series Notebook PC uses the Intel Mobile or Desktop Pentium IV or CeleronTM CPU. This feature gives you more room for upgrades when you need it. The M2E Series can support CPU frequencies of up to 2.4+GHz Pentium IV with a 400MHz FSB and 266MHz DDR memory up to 1GBt. The M2E utilizes ASUS Power4 Gear Technology to increase the notebook battery operating time.
Advanced Technologies
ASUS strongly believes that product quality is everything. This is why we have the 7-24 (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) consulting service and the ASUS Global Service Member (GSM) Network. ASUS spends extra effort on building web sites to provide customers with the latest information, technical bulletins, BIOS updates, and friendly service. Superior quality is simply what makes ASUS a respectable name
ASUS PCs use genuine Microsoft Windows

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