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Change Language Corporate Servers and Professional Worstations

AP 3000 Platform is ideal base for building superperforming workstations, used in such field of science like 3D projects, rendering, real video processing and also for error-proof systems: recommended fields for use - powered corporate servers, applications server, file server with a huge hard disk and RAM capacity. Due to regressive nonlinear dependence between performance of the system and amount of money invested in it,  theoretically two time increase of the number of CPUs will increase the performance of the whole system only 1,5 times. Therefore if your system contains 4 and more number of CPUs, one of the first consequences you'll experience is emptying of your wallet. The second aftermath is that you will not get the expected boost in performance of the system.
Taking into consideration all of the problems mentioned above ASUSteK concentrated it's efforts on developing double CPU systems. AP 3000-D2 and AP 3000-DX platforms almost equal in their capabilities: 4 DIMM - up to 1Gb memory, 4 PCI slots,1/2 ISA for DX/D2, preset RAID-ULTRA2 SCSI controller, 5 modules.
APAP 300-D2.gif (11502 bytes) 3000-D2 Platform is aimed for creation of servers built on the base of Intel Pentium!!! / II processors and enables you to have hard disks with capacity more than 100Gb. This system is also perfectly aimed at working  like big corporate servers. Easy modifying process let you combine several servers into one 19" module.

Ap3000-DX.gif (4896 bytes)AP 3000-DX Platform is perfect choice for the systems requiring the highest performance of processor subsystem, highest speed when processing big volumes of data, critical to Graphics and HDD subsystems performance. Built on the base of Intel® Pentium II/!!! Xeon processors, it enables you to mount up to  2 processors of the second and third generation (with support of SSE commands) and also warranty to upgrade this system with the processors which are only in developing! with Intel Corporation for Slot2 module.

The newest graphic accelerators from ASUS: AGP-V3400TNT (chipset- nVidia Riva128 TNT, 16MB SGRAM), AGP-V3500 (chipset-S3 Savage 4Pro, 32MB SDRAM) and  AGP-V3800 (nVidia Riva128 TNT2, 32MB SGRAM) boost the performance of the graphic subsytem. For special uses this system has professional OpenGL susbsytem AGP-V3800 Ultra (chipset-nVidia Riva128 TNT2 Ultra, 32MB SGRAM). Hard Disk data flow rate may exceed 150 Mb/sec.

AP 3000-D2 AP 3000-DX
Processor Dual Pentium II-!!! 233-800+Mhz Dual Xeon II-!!! 450-800+Mhz
Chipset Intel 440BX and Intel PIIX4E Intel 440GX and Intel PIIX4E
Memory 4xDIMM Sockets
Support upto 1Gb ECC SDRAM
4xDIMM Sockets
Support upto 1Gb ECC SDRAM
I2O System i960 RD I/0 Processor
Flash EEPROM up to 2Mb
1xWorks real time kernel
SCSI Adaptec 7890 & 3860 (2xU2SCSI, 1xUWSCSI) Adaptec 7896 (UWF SCSI)
Ethernet card Intel Ether Express Pro Intel Ether Express Pro
SVGA S3 Trio64 V2/DX AGP-V3400TNT

PCI & ISA 3x32b PremaryPCI, 3x32b SecondaryPCI,
1xISA/PCI Snared Slot
5xPCI, 1xPCI / ISA Shared Port
1xAGP Socket
Port 1xFloppy, 2xSerial, 1xParallel, 2xPS/2
(keyboard&mouse), 2xUSB
1xFloppy, 2xSerial, 1xParallel, 2xPS/2
(keyboard&mouse), 2xUSB
RAID Ultra2 SCSI Single Chanel RAID Controller Ultra2 SCSI Single Chanel RAID Controller
Hot-Swap 5x1,0" HS Bays 5x1,0" HS Bays
Fans 2x8 cm System Fans
2x6 cm HS Bays fans
2x8 cm System Fans
2x6 cm HS Bays fans
IDE 2PC BM IDE Port UP to 4 IDE Devices 2PC BM IDE Port UP to 4 IDE Devices
Software ASMA and LDSM Monitors ASMA and LDSM Monitors
Operation Systems Windows NT, Novell Netware, Unix Windows, Windows NT